OceanMAX is a leading innovative scuba diving gear brand from Taiwan.
We excel in product development and design.
Quality control, maintenance support, and after-sales services equip us with the ability to provide high-quality products for everyone.

Our Mission

Offering comfortable and safe scuba diving gear is indispensable for anyone who loves the ocean and diving. We regard this as our mission of OceanMAX. OceanMAX has diving enthusiasts who have more than 30 years of professional experience in diving equipment, design, production, and manufacturing. Furthermore, We provide high-quality products and services from Taiwan. OceanMAX scuba diving gear will enhance the experience of exploring oceanic beauty for anyone who loves diving.

Understanding Customers’needs

OceanMAX understands customers’needs. Our products are developed, designed, produced, and manufactured in Taiwan and this provides efficiency in repairs and maintenance. Customers will have a hassle-free experience. Localized service reduces transportation waste and contributes to environmental protection.

Offering the best service and high-quality products

OceanMAX continues to adhere to its core value of high-quality products to provide the best service. Each OceanMAX customer is a friend of ours who loves the ocean. Being proud of Taiwan’s beautiful ocean and enthusiastic about diving, we hope that we can grow together and let the world see more of our passion and our love for the ocean.

Free Your Mind

Taiwan is a beautiful island country surrounded by the sea. The ocean is inseparable from us. Put on OceanMAX gear and enjoy the oceanic beauty!